Just took the longest, hottest shower (about 10 minutes, give or take) I’ve had in a while. Daddy’s home early, napping away with baby in the adjacent room.

This morning, I asked my husband if today was Wednesday or Thursday.

“Babe, it’s Friday.”

“No way. I don’t believe you.”


“Are you kidding? Pass me my phone.”

When my lock screen confirmed what hubby had said, I jumped for joy (on the inside). I’d lost all sense of time this week – perhaps the lack of sleep was the culprit – and now the weekend stood right at the front door. I invited it in with open arms.

So when hubby came home from work and whispered those five little words—

let’s give mommy a break

—I rewarded myself with a little self-care for a job well done. For making through a tumultuous week filled with doctor’s appointments (my poor baby), teething tantrums, sleep regressions and spring cleaning.

Had some coffee + reading, took an abnormally long shower (for me, at least) and blasted a playlist chock-full of my idea of the best feel-good songs of all time. Topped it off with some quick meditation before the calls of mum let me know I was needed (there’s my cue!).

There’s no job more difficult than being a mother—and one who stays at home, at that—and oftentimes we neglect ourselves. Ask for help when you need it. Take a nice, long shower. Breathe. Oh, and screw all of you who give stay-at-home moms a bad rap. There’s not a job nor exam out there that compares to raising a tiny human. To all my fellow SAHMs (especially my own, who raised 3 under 3)—I see you. I appreciate you. To all the mamas out there—I see you. I appreciate you. Being a mom is tough, yeah. But it’s worth every single poopy diaper, (mostly) gummy bite, pulled hair and sleepless night.


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