“Does He Sleep Through The Night?”

More often than not, I’m asked if bub has graduated to sleeping through the night.

Whatever that means.

By 6 months of age, a baby is typically able to go eight or more hours without a feeding in the middle of the night (according to doctors and almost every parenting site out there). But every baby is different, and hey, some of them just need a little longer to break the habit of waking up constantly — for food or otherwise.

Teething. Oh, teething. The irritation has finally gotten to Manse. Waking every one to two hours  at night doesn’t help with the crankiness, but he does find solace in his pacifier (one thing he has rejected since birth). I find that the best solution, though, is lots and lots of cuddles and a whole lot of skin-to-skin.

Because his naps have gotten shorter, there have been times when I just lay there —  from anywhere up to two hours — and let him sleep on my chest. Just so he can finally get some rest. Sure, my sleep is important. And sometimes I even miss the days of going eight hours straight, uninterrupted.

But for now, I find comfort in his comfort.

© ShanaScribbles, 2017

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  1. Colourvida says:

    Great article! Love this.


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