Today, You Crawled

Today as you took your first steps towards crawling, your entire life flashed before my eyes. Where on earth did six months go? I thought to myself as you inched closer and closer to your target. A very hungry caterpillar after his prize.

I remember the day you entered the world like it was yesterday. And I can assure you it still feels like it.

One o’clock in the morning and I woke up to a pain running underneath my belly and alongside my legs. Three hours later—after timing each contraction and jotting down notes in my mommy app—I woke your dad and your grandparents to let them know that it just might be time to meet you. At the hospital, we monitored your heartbeat and, whether you remember it or not, we battled through each contraction together. You, assuming position to make your way into the world, and I, waiting with the catcher’s mitt on the other end.

Come 8:30 PM, it was time to push and by 8:53, I held you in my arms. For hours, days, weeks and months, I couldn’t fathom that you were actually here. And to this day, my almost 6-month-old, I still can’t believe you’re mine. To say I’m lucky is an understatement. And to say I’m thankful? Not enough. You’re the most beautiful thing I’m fortunate enough to know. Hold. Kiss. Love. And so much more.

It was not long ago that couldn’t wait until you could smile, though you didn’t take much time doing that. Couldn’t wait for you to laugh. To hold your head up. To eat real food. To crawl.

And here we are.

Is this not what I asked for? These milestones are exciting, yes. But it’s all happening much faster than I’d imagined. Manse, I am honored to have the pleasure of being your mommy and watching you grow, and I know now not to rush it all.

Because in all actuality, I can wait. I have to. And savor all the sweet moments and cuddles we have left…

…before my baby’s no longer a baby anymore.*

*Originally written on November 1, 2017

© ShanaScribbles, 2017

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